Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Sneak Peak on CPVC Vs PVC

CPVC and PVC both are products from same family. Although both products are similar in several ways still they cannot replace each other, when making application of it for various commercial and residential needs.   

CPVC Pipe Fitting

Elements used in the making of the products are same but yes there is one such element which distinguishes one from the other. An alteration has been in done in CPVC with reaction of free radical chlorination. This is done in order to effectively enhance the chlorine content used in the material. 

CPVC can also be considered as a thermoplastic which gets molded in same type of products as PVC. Free radical chlorination increases the power of CPVC to accept all range of temperatures, Area where hot water application are made CPVC pipe fittings is considered the best.  

CPVC Pipe Fitting Manufacturers ASHOK PLASTICS ensures to deliver quality CPVC File fittings following ASTM specification D1784. Chemical compatibility chart gets checked to ensure piping materials used are as per standard.

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